Curso de Conversação em Inglês - vários níveis

The Course and who it is designed for

Did you know that English is spoken differently from the way you speak Portuguese?  If you would like to improve your pronunciation and your speaking fluency, then this course could be for you!

A focus in this course is improving your conversation skills for study, work, and daily life situations.  Themes in the course are related to study and work and general interest.

Improving your speaking also involves interacting between listener and speaker, so listening is a necessary part of conversation.  Attention is given to grammar and vocabulary because you need to understand each other clearly.

Teaching methods are student-centred, innovative, and communicative, with an emphasis on students gaining control of how they make conversation in English.  You will get involved in using English for conversation tasks!

This is a specialised 30-hour course, only available online.  Learning online facilitates the optimum use of audio and video, and your teacher can monitor your progress individually or in groups.

Requirements to enter the Course

You will be improving your speaking skills, so you need to feel comfortable with essential English grammar and vocabulary.  Accordingly, you must have completed B1.1 level, meaning you must be at least half-way through B1.

Some details about the Course

Remember that this is a course specialising in speaking; reading and writing are not addressed in the Course.

Class materials are provided for you.  You will find other resources while preparing your speaking project.

This Course aims at improvements in your speaking, so you will need to find time to do some practice on what you have learned in lessons.  You will make a short presentation to the class on a topic you have prepared at home.

There is assessment of your speaking and pronunciation during the Course, and this includes assessing your progress in improving grammar and vocabulary. 

Aims and Objectives

You will improve your pronunciation of the sounds used in English, and you will learn how to speak using appropriate intonation and rhythm.

Audio and video resources will show you how to improve your listening and speaking skills.

You will demonstrate your English skills in a variety of formal and informal role-play conversations.

You will practise your learning by interacting in pairs, groups, or the whole class.

You will use activities approximating real-life English.

You will develop your control of English through preparing, delivering, and discussing a mini presentation.  Also, you will discuss the presentations of other students.

As well as developing your competencies in speaking and listening, you can expect to improve your general level of English.

With improved conversation skills, you will feel more confident in using English.

Your improved speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary will make your future studies in English easier.


A DISTÂNCIA: segundas e quartas-feiras | 18h30 às 20h30

Datas do curso: 

A DISTÂNCIA: 10 de outubro a 28 de novembro



30 horas

Preço e modo de pagamento:


O pagamento do curso deverá ser feito em duas vezes: 50% no momento da inscrição e 50% até ao final da primeira semana do curso.

O pagamento é realizado por transferência bancária para a seguinte conta:


IBAN: PT50 0035 0824 00007647230 59


Data limite para inscrições:

19 de setembro

cta 1s2223