Conversação em Inglês

Conversação em Inglês

This course develops competence in speaking English.  The focus is on practice, using correct grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.  Progress towards improved conversation requires practice in speaking and listening outside class time.  In class, it is expected that students will speak often, and with improved grammar and vocabulary.  Classes will be conducted in English, with a native teacher.  Lessons will include listening.

Students must have completed A2 level, and preferably B1.1.  As this is a conversation class, students need a good basic range of vocabulary and some competence with grammatical structures.

Contexts will include a variety of situations in daily life – such as from personal and work life.  The selection of these situations will be influenced by the needs of the students.  Students will practise role play situations, and at times speak to the whole class.  The use of English will be as close to reality as possible.

Methods of teaching and materials will be communicative and innovative.  Outside class time, students will be expected to practise listening and speaking.  This may be during daily personal/work life, or through accessing materials on the Internet.

To be successful in this Course, students will need to demonstrate speaking and conversation with individual classmates, groups, and the teacher.  Assessment will be continuous, with a final test.


Students will develop competence in conversing, at their level of English.  This includes competence in listening, speaking to various people and groups, and correctly pronouncing words in the rhythm of English.

Students can expect to improve their overall level of English, especially in their fluency of speaking and their understanding of listening.  Students will experience improved confidence in using English.

Students will be able to demonstrate functional use of English in formal and informal situations.


Curso a distância 

segundas e quartas-feiras | 18h30 às 21h00


19 de outubro a 25 de novembro